Saturday, September 27, 2008

"B is for bulls&*t" admits Brian Michael Bendis

This weekend Newsarama is running their usual convention coverage of the currently-in-progress Baltimore Comics Convention, so fans of disinformation can surf on over to their website for endless dolphin waxing sessions courtesy of their high-as-a-kite reporters and the gang of trolls who (sadly) still remain in charge at the former House of Ideas.

The quote above by writer Bendis, is one of the leading reasons why Marvel Comics falls so far off the standard that the venerable company set way back in the 1960's as they were reinventing comics for a new generation.

For those of you who struggle with media disinformation, I will strip away the veneer of pablum that has been ladled on so thickly in the Marvel panel in Baltimore and - - - using only direct verbiage and quotes from the article - - - reveal the stunning truth that's embedded within. Prepare to be shocked!

The Newsarama reporter asks, 'How do other writers feel about Bendis controlling so much in the Marvel Universe?' The responder equates it to a "giant climax" and "it spills out into all the other major Marvel books". Yuck!

Bendis further clarifies that, 'I'm a big fan of fractured storytelling', so apparently readers will be on the receiving end of more:

1 - Bendis setting up something

2 - Bendis continuing and relaunching something else

3 - and Bendis thinking this will continue for the foreseeable future

Ultimately, the structure of the Marvel Universe is collapsing, so fans will be pummeled with information, but it won't be an event as much as an overall tone. [At this point, I went away in disgust and lost even more interest in the goings on at Nu-Marvel.]


Thank god for back issues!


Wayne Skiver said...

Amen brother! Marvel quit putting out books I really wanted to read around 1989 or so.

Sometimes looking through the boxes of back issues makes me wonder what the hell happened to Marvel...They used to be good damn it.

joe ackerman said...

i've pretty much given up with Marvel, myself. with the exception of Thor, and Criminal, Marvel haven't put out a thing worth reading in God only knows how long. in all fairness, DC isn't fairing much better, either, but DC DOES have the better characters to do deal with, and so seem to be staying slightly on top of their game. if confused.

you know what? give me six months without an Invasion, secret or otherwise, a Crisis, a Countdown, a Civil War, a Brand New One More Day, or someone dying, and I might, just might, be a happy man again.

actually, I've got a better idea. let's just forget about continuity, and concentrateon doing just plain old good comics, shall we?

=link said...

this continuity crap is a waste of energy...if I have to read 20 issues to understand one 15 minute read of one comic, then fergit it. Something is very wrong when the backstory overwhelms the front! F*rk 'em! Aw, heck, screw ALL the superhero rubbish, from BOTH companies.