Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"Hump Day" Honey! Kelly Monaco

32 year old actress and model Kelly Monaco currently appears on the daytime soap opera, General Hospital, but don't hold that against her, she was also the Season 1 winner of Dancing With the Stars (and even earlier) posed as one of Hugh Hefner's Playmates of the Month (April 1997).

My brother turned me onto her recently, and now that the engines revving, I'm wondering if Kelly is up for something downright seductive, Catacombs-style.

One can hope!


joe ackerman said...

holy cow!!! i love kelly. no, really, i do. i proper love kelly. i remember that Playboy spread SO well.

couldn't operate machinery for at least three weeks. . .

Wayne Skiver said...

I just became a fan of General Hospital....Yowza