Friday, September 19, 2008

"Gal" Friday! SHE-PIRATES!!!!

A quick post today to lure the unwary over to Karswell's blog for a nice pirate tale. And Pappy's blog for more of the same. And Mr. Door Tree's blog for .... well, you get the picture. Avast ye hearty's!


Wayne Skiver said...

Now thats some booty I'd like to keehaul! Arrrr

( jokes don't get any better) Chuck you should just start a blog dedicated to sexy women!

Chuck Wells said...

There are lots of those already, Wayne, and while I admit that I often seem overly preoccupied with the fairer sex, I do still have my head buried squarely in the four-color world of comics.

It's having the time to post the golden age stuff or to research the newer comics stuff that I would like to feature here or to read (and review) the occasional comic.

I could probably do more of the 1970's Flashback's, like I've already done many times here in the Catacombs, but I go for more of a mixed bag-o-junk to entice the unfortunate souls who wander by into stopping and taking a peek.

Mr. Karswell said...

Aye! Blow me down!!!

FYI: Scannin' yee some booty this weekend Chuck, and will send it on over soon.