Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A plug for Catskill Comics

Anyone who would like to purchase either original comic book artwork, or commission something specific, from a gang of nice professional comic book artists, should head on over to the Catskill Comics web page.

There you will find a list of available artists that includes Brett Breeding, Ramona Fradon, Ron Frenz, Mike Grell, Pat Olliffe, Ron Wagner and many other talented individuals who are ready, willing & able to satisfy your cravings for cool original art to hang on your walls (if you don't ruin them by drooling onto the pages).

Scott Kress is nice guy, and he will help you acquire that special piece from the pro of your choice. Just look at this terrific recent commission (right) of the silver age Black Knight by artist Mike Grell (DC Comics The Warlord, The Legion of Super-Heroes, Green Arrow). That is certainly well worth the price ... just look at that beautiful line work. I think I'm jealous of whoever has this piece of art. Scott helped me pick up this original not too long ago, so I thought I would mention this in the hopes that some of you might visit his site and do a little shopping for yourselves.

After all, those tax rebates will be on the way soon!

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Scott KRess said...

For my artists, and myself, thank you for the great review!!

Scott Kress