Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rayboy's Review: Showcase Presents Batman Team-Ups

I’ve been entertaining myself over the last couple of days reading DC Comics truly excellent Showcase Presents: The Brave and the Bold; Batman Team-Ups Vol. 2. This volume reprints original series issue #’s 88 – 108, all written by the talented scribe Bob Haney (with the exception of a single story written by Denny O’Neil), the artwork is provided courtesy of a grand mix of top talents, including Irv Novick, Ross Andru, Nick Cardy, Neal Adams and Bob Brown, before Jim Aparo begins his stellar run on what became one of his signature series.

Rereading these classic tales really is a blast from the past, and yet another reminder that at least once, comic book writers could ably spin an engaging, entertaining and thrilling read – all within the pages of a single issue. These stories don’t tie into one another add infinitum, but having the Dark Knight on hand each month, lends a degree of unstated continuity, even while treating the readers to an eclectic assortment of guest stars such as Wildcat, Green Arrow, Black Canary, the Metal Men, Deadman, Phantom Stranger and the really peculiar pair of the Bat-Squad and The House of Mystery.

I highly encourage everyone who enjoys classic comics, with topnotch writing and artwork to pick these books up and settle down some dark night to relish a fun bit of nostalgia. I could go on and on about how cool this stuff really is, but I’ve got some more reading to do. See ya’ later!

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Wayne Skiver said...

EXCELLENT stuff! One of my favorites. To get these in DC's affordable Showcase format is a real treat too! GREAT bargain for collectors for reading copy.