Monday, May 11, 2009

Rulah Jungle Goddess in "Labyrinth of Love" (Fox Comics)

This story was originally presented in Rulah Jungle Goddess #24 (March 1949). Our jungle gal encounters an amorous shah, who has been tricked into marrying a Rulah-lookalike by an evil dwarf. along the way to clear her name, Rulah saves a precocious little girl and even has to impersonate her own impostor to get to the bottom of things. Sadly, for all of you animal lovers, there is an unfortunate incident of monkey-cide near the very end of this adventure.

Be advised, that here are panels that contain imagery that could be interpreted today as being "racist", but given the era in which this tale was first published, it is par for the course.

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M W Gallaher said...

Wow...who'd have thought a jungle girl comic would be heavier on the talk than PSYCHOANALYSIS?