Sunday, June 7, 2009

"The Flat Man" from Spellbound #3 (May 1952; Atlas/Marvel Comics)

Here is a short 4-page tale from May 1952's Spellbound #3 which was published by Marvel Comics (back when they operated under the Atlas Comics banner). The Grand Comics Database lists the writer as Hank Chapman, but they do not identify the artist.

Steve Banes sent this story to me last summer as a perk, so let me offer my belated thanks to him for the courtesy; although I've added that issues cover to the mix.

"The Flat Man" relates the experience of a small time hood who lets things unfortunately get away from him and thus pays the ultimate price. Enjoy!


Henry R. Kujawa said...

SPELLBOUND seems to be a real rarity among Marvel titles. Almost nobody has anything posted online, and you can't even find copies for sale.

What I'm really looking for are scans of "THE END" by Russ Heath from SPELLBOUND #2 (Apr.52). It's a 6-page story adapted from Edgar Allan Poe's "THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM".

Here's what I have so far... any help on this will be most appreciated! said...

Why doesn't Marvel publish the whole woks? I would buy it.
At least publish it as an e-book?