Monday, June 29, 2009

Jo-Jo Congo King vs "The Vulture Birdmen" (Fox Comics; 1948)

[Click to make bigger] Sorry guys, I really had intended to run a Rulah story today, but this particular Jo-Jo tale is far better and more enjoyable than the few remaining Jungle Goddess stories that I have access to. Jo-Jo is cut from the same cloth as the Johnny Weismuller version of Tarzan. He speaks broken English, wears a loin cloth, and rights wrongs throughout the dark continent.

In this exciting story, Jo-Jo's first attempt to take on the winged menace of the title, earns him nothing but scorn and derision from his own tribesmen after his failure to succeed, but he soon gets the hang of flying and then the tables are effectively turned on Sootho (and hey, Jo-Jo gets to canoodle with the luscious Tanee afterwards anyway, so why feel sorry for him?).

Trivia: The "Stan Ford" who is credited at the top of the splash page is nothing but a pseudonym for Jack Kamen, who provides the excellent art on this tale, including several super-nice "good girl" art panels originally published in Fox Comics Jo-Jo Congo King #11 (February 1948). Enjoy!

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