Thursday, June 25, 2009

From the Dust Bin: Jigsaw (Harvey Comics)

Jigsaw was created by Joe Simon for Harvey Comics short-lived superhero line, Harvey Thriller, but the disconnectable "Man of a Thousand Parts" only survived for two issues published between September and December 1966.

The feature was drawn by Tony Tallarico, with the writing credited to Otto Binder. The series had several backup features like "Super Luck" in issue #1 and "The Man From SRAM" (art by Golden Age veteran Carl Pfeufer) in #2. The first issue also featured a science fiction story drawn by EC Comics great Reed Crandall. It has been speculated that some work for a third issue may have existed when the line was cancelled.


Andy 7 said...

Another Joe Simon hit series! Didn't he also create "Brother Power The Geek" for DC, which also lasted three issues?

Wayne Skiver said...

Ohhhh this is just too good. further proof that a certain hack and back-stabbing liar I know couldn't come up with a totally original idea if he tried. same tagline even... too funny. This cover will be making its way through a few mailing lists for sure!

Sorry Chuck, bit of a personal rant there against someone in the comics/pulp world who has stepped on a LOT of toes the past couple of years :-)

Harvey did have some excellent super heroes during the golden age though!

Chuck Wells said...

I wouldn't mind hearing the story behind that, Wayne. Email me if you can fill me in.

Wayne Skiver said...

Glad to tell it. I'm not sure I have your correct email though. shoot it to me at

captain america said...

Wayne, are you talking about Joe? If so what are you talking about a hack and back stabbing liar